Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cherished Tears by Raylton Nhau

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I let the tears flow 
Certainly I don’t bother to wipe them off
Cause it’s not them that bother me
Rather the memories that brought about the tears
I cherish every tear as it reminds me of those days
Takes me back to those moments,         
As I count the times I have shared
I count not the emotions but
Each tear I won’t wipe away on my cheek
Maybe I will forget you or how we meet
But the tears I will forever cherish more

That mirror I stand in front of
Not to see myself in it
Rather to see each tear as it flows swiftly
Hoping I can share those moments once again
Or maybe see a reflection of what we shared
I won’t raise my head high
Rather I bow it down with no regret
As I let every tear drop gently
Hoping they would gather
If not on the surface maybe beneath it

I would rather let them flow slowly
Than to hold them back and let the emotions hold me ransom
I would rather not wipe them off
But I will cherish every moment, feeling, emotion
I won’t taste the tears because I know they are bitter
Rather I will cherish them because the memories are sweet
The same honor I had when I let you go
It still is that honor that let them flow

Each tear being a reflection down the memory lane
Each tear being deeply rooted in that lane
For I used to treasure the moments, feelings, emotions
But it’s the tears I cherish more
Cause every tear is a lost treasure
For I once was rich in memories
Rather I choose to be poor
I lay my head on the pillow
To allow the tears to stream down
And hope that they stain
If its unclean then I choose to be dirty

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