Friday, December 11, 2009


So many words,
Yet no truth in them
So much truth
Not loud enough for a soul to hear
So many things I should have said
But I refrained
I opened my mouth to speak
But the truth choked me
And words were wedged in my throat

I shut my mouth to hold back words untrue
But in impulse they did tumble out
All the things I never mearnt to
Shrill and absolute have I said
All what I said was, is not in the least
All what I mentioned not, is and has been
In senseless defense I uttered words of vanity
With words of sham I charted my course
And made approved what was not

My heart laments the deceit in my words
and in repentance I make known
Truths that lay shrouded in the depths of my soul
By layer upon layer of secrets and lies
and hatchets concealed in intution
With the motive to shield
The truth that could wound those I cherish
Yet  it would set me free
Hence I will hold back no more

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