Monday, April 12, 2010

BROTHER BERNARD by Masara Taruberekera

Bro Ben what else shall you know
In these twilight swords
What else shall you hear or see
In these doldrums
Only rains full of despair
Echoes of melancholy
And deafening sounds of rumbling stomachs

Your face shall perfectly define
Sorrows of our time and the defeat of our struggles
Your tears will tell us
The shattered dreams you tried to lit
Dreams which were born
To wilt in the bonfire of desperation

In these horizons
All you have to know are the nights
Despair and desperation, never hope
Dull stars heighten your worry
Your cries will never yield anything
A cry in the wilderness
A cry to the deaf and the blind

Bro Ben
Who will hear us?
Who shall see us?
Our cries
Our despair
Our desperate tries and hopes
In these twilight swords

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