Monday, May 3, 2010

BROWN BABY, CRAZY by Allan Kolski Korwitz

I spoke to your brother
he doesn’t mind
so long as he gets the cash
in a lump sum
and fast

when I asked him if we should
(first) ask you what you felt
he laughed
you don’t have to worry
this business is strictly between us
she will do as we say
that is the custom of my people
and it was also your’s once
before you white men
gave up your rights’

Damn if only that were true
You see

My darling
I want you so bad

I wouldn’t mind just doing a deal
With your brother/father/uncle
Anyone who could deliver you
To me
So I could keep you for myself
And hold you every night
While the wind howls and the rain falls
And the full moon sails over our heads
And we feel our blood rise up
And the night revolves
And we kiss

Yes my darling
Things are so bad
I wouldn’t mind

Paying for you

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