Monday, April 11, 2011

Dai Ndiri Shiri by Mgcini Nyoni

Model - Mary Kapumha

Dai ndiri shiri*
To a place peaceful
a place of still waters
and peaceful  dreams
Dai ndiri shiri
I would fly
to the place
where maidens
dance in the rain
and there is
always a pot
of gold
at the end
of the rainbow
Dai ndiri shiri
I would fly
to the sky
and grab
all the illusive
and opportunities
so that I can sing
I can
Ndai ndiri shiri
to that place
of still waters
that sooth the soul
from the this
tortuous world
that threaten
to swallow me whole
Dai ndiri shiri...

*Dai ndiri shiri – if I was a  bird
**Ndaibhururuka – I would fly

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you wanted to say world and said would in one of the paragraphs. love it. good work.