Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Terrible by Amit Parmessur

All crops are made for fields,
but not all African fields are made for crops.

There’re so many tears of blood, insane murders.
I don’t know where we are!

All words are made for mouths
but not all African mouths are made for words.

How can Man control Man when God made him?
I don’t know where we are!

All feelings are made for hearts,
but not all African hearts know happiness.

There’s so much undeserved hatred,
misery and injustice? I don’t know where we are!

All shoes of freedom are made for feet
But not all African feet are made for such shoes.

Why can’t we feel for broken hearts and twisted bodies?
I don’t know where we are!

All pencils of knowledge are made for hands,
but not all African hands are made for pencils.
Have a long look at your table globe;

only blue tears and blood…


only tears

drying our hearts, minds and souls.

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

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