Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lion and The Lamb by Praise Ndlovu

I have come to realise that there are two Mes
This has often put me ill at ease
How I came about I cannot explain
Maybe from the past, some deep childhood pain
Most likely from the societal pressures inflicted upon y gender
Wherever from, I wish I could just stamp: Return To Sender

There is the Career Centred Me
Success is my number one priority
I've grabbed the baton and I'm not letting go
Putting away all things that'll mess my flow
I've got my eyes on the finishing line
The much awaited, long anticipated success sign

Then there's the Me who is domesticated
Having a man who is fully devoted
To me. Marriage, children our blissful vision
To love and nurture each other our mission
Pregnant, barefoot in the kitchen. My deepest fantasy
Loving husband, secure marriage. All I can see

Is it lawful for these two to ever amalgamate?
Or it’s a sin, for when they merge they fornicate
Am I suffering from a Multiple Personality Disorder?
How do I draw the line, where is the border
Can I wear the trousers and still put on an apron
Or will it be a cause for society to frown upon

So here live I, Me, that is Both
A situation which I completely loathe
One day you'll meet Me, taking on Life
The next, I’ll be a sweet domicile wife
But I pray that the Lion and the Lamb that dwell inside
may one day live in harmony as they lie side by side

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