Monday, November 14, 2011

I Clem Southpaw Chinyani

I love peach halves,
I do,
You know what else I love?
I love green pepper too,
Yellow pepper but not red,
I love people with smiling eyes,
And extreme hair,
What does that mean?
Well look at my preferences,
I love the air,
Because it's there but I can't see it,
That thrills me a lot,
I love to be fair,
Every time I share,
I take the smaller piece,
Yeah I started as a kid,
I also love the stars,
To stare at them out at night,
And wonder what might,
Happen if the shooting star hits the earth,
I like to discover,
New places and new people,
To hear different languages,
Different chimes at different times,
I love New York Taxi Cabs,
And the Zebra's stripes,
I like to feel good,
And to surround myself with love,
And to give out as much love as I could,
I love the fact that there is God,
And to live in the reality of that day after day,
I love a rainy day,
In a street side restaurant,
Sipping my tea while staring outside,
Seeing trench-coats and drenched feet,
I love thin wisps of smoke spiraling into the sky,
From a round thatch kitchen deep in the country,
I love to live and I love to love.

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Xtreme Sanity said...

wow; this is nice. an easy read...simple but nice.