Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am An African Too by Sukoluhle Joy Chilongo

When the world sees me,
 When the world hears me
When the world thinks me- 
It is the bulging stomach, 
It is the hopelessness in big brown eyes –
 And long thin arms 
Holding up a large begging bowl.

 I am an African too 
So please PLEASE! 
Leave me in this muck of degradation, shame
 For I have reason – 
Good reason to be in this mud!
Globalisation, Colonisation, Mcdonaldisation, Apartheid, Humiliation,
Good reason – see! (...besides, it is too familiar a friend to leave now... and kinda warm)

I am an African too – 
So I dance 
And dance 
While the world, ululates, claps gaps – 
Because the jingle to which I dance
 Is of the chains around my wrists
 So I cannot take back what
 The world owes me. ..
it is the jingle of the chains
 Around around my ankles
 So I cannot go to where my mind has been
 – So I dance –
 and I teach
 My daughters And My sons too –
For we all have the chains,
 After all, we are 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful I will miss my friend may her soul rest in peace