Monday, October 29, 2012

His Smile: A Murder Weapon by Thembelihle Terry-Lynne Zulu

His smile was a murder weapon
Pain was the poet
Hurt was the Editor and I the paper
This is not just another poem but actually
a dedication to a fellow addict
Who realises his smile is only a temporary fix
Take this for just what it is
For whom it may concern
Upon meeting, his smile was a key
He broke down all four walls
And barricaded all doors
He reached new frontiers
He unleashed my inner Eve
He had game but his smile sealed the deal
From then he wouldn't leave
Charged with infidelity
His smile shredded the evidence
Everyday I'd see him at school
Walking around like a total fool
Making it clear he wasn't mine
Flirting with every swine
The people's hero
Had groupies like a movie star
who with every blush had me
beaten, bruised, used and abused
played like a fiddle. I fell to pieces
His smile like the potter, remoulded me
I had to look in the mirror to learn
That the signs of a struggle were there,
The sun bright, the sky dark
A sign that I could no longer
hold onto what wasn't mine
My baby had to go
Better yet, I'll go
Congrats for marrying the man of our dreams
I never could reach the knife
But some lucky girl did.
And now he is dead
His smile doesn’t reach his ears anymore
His eyes sparkle no more
Do not accuse me of his murder
AIDS murdered him in cold blood
and his smile was the murder weapon.

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