Friday, October 5, 2012

The Struggle To Express by Trevour Bantu Poet Mtimkulu

Caged in society
with false patriots
I learnt to speak of black conditions in abstract,
Created ghetto heavens in shebeens
where later sell-outs found their haven and with jazzy beats still playing in their minds those that spoke the truth found incarceration instead of freedom,

I rose with a pen in my hand and resurrected guerrilla warfare against a system of corrupt politicians for me and my poetic comrades filled the terrain of media pages write on the spot trying to bring to a full stop the commas of my peoples plight,

Intimidate the souls that writes still the ink flows shaping the word of truth, we run from political goons daily to find political asylum inside a book where words reign so get up ,stand up, don’t give up the fight....

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