Monday, July 29, 2013

Pain by Thandeka T'kay Gonde

In the gulf of past and present
A fusion of contempt and disdain
Deceased hopes paralyse dreams
Where the mind traverses
Treacherous terrain
Of abandoned words and wounded memories
While the heart beats only
In spasms of pain
Gaping chasms linger relentless
Stirring up silent cyclones of terror
In the heart trodden upon already
Brewing from memories
Effervescent throbs
That mortify and petrify
And plow deep trenches
By the acerbic rain of tears
And lead weights of sorrow
Caustic winds of regret blow
Conveying the uninvited incidence
Of guilt and shame
To virgin territories of the mind
The eye of hope dares find escape
To seek a place of solace, where words are kind

1 comment:

Thandeka Gonde said...

this was no fiction...i had never felt so much pain before