Thursday, July 4, 2013

The City by Abel Dube

I tried to get to you but couldn't reach you in time 
you faded away into the night 
you shaped into the silhouettes
and blended into the city like immorality 
it stretched its hands and engulfed you, you felt at home.

I tried to reach out to you
shouting your name in the crowds
feeling for you on the walls
but couldn’t reach you in time
you lied naked on the ground 
camouflaged by dirt
I think you saw me and laughed at my stupidity.

I tried to tell you
watch out for the city
but couldn’t get to you in time
once I thought you had ran back to the country
but I was lying, you had sailed with the waves.

I wanted to get to you but couldn’t reach you in time 
I found you in an alley
drugged and raped 
you said you were dancing with poles
watching lust rise from men
roaring like a lion. 

You say they begged you to tame it 
I guess you felt important, occupied,
you felt a void fill in you
this is the city
that’s what it does to people

1 comment:

Raymond Ngomane said...

lovely poem i could read endleslly..much love