Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hero Checklist by Mgcini Nyoni

If a man fights gallantly for his country
If a man decimates the enemy
and liberates his country
If the same man goes on to rape and murder
Is he a hero?
If a man feeds the hungry
clothes the cold
and shelters the homeless
If the same man then molests little ones
Is the man still worthy of praise?
If a man who fought gallantly for his country
Loots resources meant for many
Is that man a hero?
If there was a hero checklist
Would rape, murder and looting be on that list?
If the right hero checklist was used
Would our heroes be heroes?

1 comment:

donalmahoney said...

This poem makes this American feel sad for the people of Africa. We in America have our own problems with politicians but rarely any as bad as these. However we still have animus between the races that lead crazy young white men to shoot black people even in church while black people, on the other hand, continue to slaughter their own in the ghettos they live in. Decades ago, when John F. Kennedy was president, both races had hope. Although things have improved in certain areas since then, serious animus between the races is still rife. The late black poet Gwendolyn Brooks, back in the Fifties, said we would all have to be "tea-colored" before peace would reign. It appears Ms.Brooks was right. May God bless all of us. We certainly need it.