Tuesday, November 17, 2009

IN GOD'S PRESENCE by Mgcini Nyoni

I am too imperfect
to stand in thy presence
I don't have any right
to question thy ways
your will goes
But sometimes
I shake my heard in frustration
and aske why?
I am too much of a sinner
to understand how
you do things
But sometimes  I ask
why didn't it go this way
or that way
My way
What do i know about
I only wait for your guidence
Which i know won't
lead me astray
But sometimes
lost and confused
I ask
where is the damn guidence?
I understand why I don't have
a mountain of bread
But surely a few crumbs
won't do me harm
Sometimes it's all I ask for
In frustration
I sometimes say
Where are the damn crumbs?
But then what do I know
about life
and crumbs?

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