Thursday, November 19, 2009

POSITIVE'S THE LOSER 1 by Melissa S Nkomo

Positive's always overidden by negative
Beauty never lasts
Pleasure is momentary
Why should love be everlasting?
If it be positive, it sure does sour;
for it exists not in a vacuum

Dawn proceeds - lighting the world
Birds wake to celebrate
Praising the rise of yet another day
And at the melody - the bright sunshine smiles on,
warming the world.
Dew drops - flower buds pop open
Colouring the world. Light, music, warmth and colour
Is it not all beauty
But such becomes too much for the negative force
And darkness hastily shades everything

Does not the kangaroo keep her joey
safe and warm in her pocket?
Does not the gull feed her chicks from the nest?
Does not the cheetah show her cubs how to hunt?
Does not the zebra foal lean on his mother to balance the wobbly legs?
What but undying love could such gestures be called?
But close by - lingers the negative force
Death in the hands of an enemy for the young cub
Death - to blight all the affection
Love exists not in a vacuum
And so never lasts.

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