Monday, March 28, 2011

Half Sleep by Nhlanhla Mkhonto

Yesterday I woke up dead in my sleep
 I stared at the slow descending 
 bright beautiful beginning  called my life
I woke up with my eyes closed
 and a heart that smiled endlessly.
I woke up lying next to my soul
and I listened  as it taught
and showed me the divinity of my life
My body froze  in times  of pure joy
and my heart  smiled again. 
Yesterday I woke up to a new kind of fresh air
I woke up surrounded with love from the world
I woke up silent and could only understand
the world through emotion and slight movements
that depicted the world I  lived in before  I closed my eyes
I woke up with an open mind and the willingness to say yes,
Yes to all that brings joy to my world.
Yes to all that tingles my spine
and leaves my soul with positive vibrations.
Yes to my defeats that I have conquered 
while my sleep danced in the eyes of bewitching hours. 
Yesterday I woke up never to close my eyes
to the world that left my soul lying uninspired  next to me.
I woke up to a loud beating sound of my ecstatic heart
that sings with glory anticipating a better world that is yet to come. 
Yesterday I woke up smiling in my sleep.

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