Monday, March 28, 2011

Missing You by Fungai Tichawangana

i am missing you
in agonized moments
that tick by
in painful tock motion
ants that never stop
neon signs
that won't go off
flashing always
keep waiting- soon
keep waiting- soon
as noisy interruptions scream
hang on- forever!
hang on- forever!
a cacophony of mind dances
words that make make sound
of their own accord
in my restless head
if you were here they'd escape
through my lips
in soft breaths of loving you
through my smile
in impromptu stanzas
of telling you
as if for the first time
that that very head
that formed those words
revolved in its madness
around your beauty

i am missing you
in mornings that dawn
before i can dream enough
about your presence
in evenings that set
before i can tire enough
to sleep so deep
that i won't see those pictures
in my slumber
of you, of your smile
of your sienna brown skin
in days that meander
always into paths
that flow to your memory
yearn for your aura
crave for your footsteps
upon their brickness
in afternoons that burn
hot sweat
off my memoried scalp
attempting to drip
the thoughts away
but they remain
in a painful, sweet
that translates
to deeply, darkly, delightfully

- Love, Fungai

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i know exactly how you are feeling...but she'll forever live in your heart and that keeps her alive day and night, day after day,year after year.