Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It Takes One by Gracian W Masiyiwa

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In a thriving democracy
It takes one mad soldier
To change temples into armouries
Till all swim on their backs
Back to stone age
Regardless of age
And the age
In a thriving faith
It takes one Pharisee
To block all grace, with barbed wire
Of rules and dogmas
Sending saints to fright and flight
To send the anointed to their graves
Fast-track their visas to heaven
Via slashes and crowns of thorns
Till grace fights back
On the road to Damascus
To blind, then unblind the blind
It takes one wrong interpretation
Of one clause in life’s manual
For road of redemption to be closed
And like a machinegun
In the hands of a drunk ghost
Is a misconception
In the head of a powerful idiot
Predictably, fresh ghosts will
Surely get born
Till someone acts and thinks later
Bring new matter that will matter
Heaven’s love for one man
Who, guarding hearts from vice
Preferring shame to eulogy
Can invite drought or deluge
That sinks fauna and flora
Till new sun hovers the day
And new moon ogles the night
Till night is also called day
The smelting is possessed and tireless
Till posterity is purified

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