Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thoughts by Loyce Daka

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you can recall the creases caused by 
the smile on a loved one's lips
the way 
the tears crept to your eyes.
there is always pain.  
but pain is hard to put into words
it makes us who we are,
teaches and tames us,
can destroy and save us.
when it happens, it takes our breath away.

when it hurts too much inside
it always  shows no matter how 
many masks you wear

memory is an abstract painting. 
it doesn't present things as how they 
are, but rather as how they feel.
do not look back and grieve 
the past  is gone
do not be troubled about the future 
it’s still to come.
live in the present
make it so beautiful 
make it worth remembering
when someone leaves, someone 
else is about to arrive.
not the absence of commitment 
the ability to choose
the ability  to commit
to what's best for you

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