Friday, December 2, 2011

Once, We Were Still Black by Tswarelo Mothobe

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Somewhere in the loss of true memory
Our black was beautiful
You must remember US,
When being black was the most vivid of dreams
Raindrops wetting to life those landscapes within
An idea brightest in the blackest of times
Because it was then, that point of creation
And then light

Now being black is a nightmare
A lonesome memory trapped in third world politics
Education systems that blind our ability to dream
Arrested development as we slave in modern day plantations
Structured to seem to mind as our salvation
A nightmare from which if we sleep
We may never awake

Black was a feeling once
A mood dressed in the most moving of music
When drums would sound the pulse pace of warriors
Mbiras the guidance of those alive within us
When the most eloquent of tongues exhaled words to life
A young man’s guitar
Would sound to the Heartbeat of the most virtuous sister
As they moved within the rhythm of love
A most sensual dance
A most intimate of refrains
Skins glistening with wetness
Black was passion being born

Now black men are dogs
And black women are bitches
And love is this pain from which many will never heal
Sore the most in the thought of betrayed thighs
Family has since become this load of difficulties
And as such
Building as one people has become ponder for the most backward of minds

But black was an attitude once
A consciousness
The very essence of life
The meaning of freedom
Before history said to us, birds are now freer
Black was the original man
Before religions
And systems
And capitalisms
And the differences between you and I

Now black is an option
An option of which hair to wear
Which skin tone to smear on?
Which accent to speak in?
Depending on which light skin I’m pleasing

Black has become an option of which ever religion
Hindu, Jewish, Islam, Christian
Whichever one just as long as it is not African

An option between all other identities
All other realities except our own

Black has become all other people
Except YOU!!!!

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ishumael said...

dope piece bro, keep them 'coming'