Friday, December 9, 2011

The Ruling Party's Final Congress by Bhekumusa Moyo

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Dear Comrades
Welcome to our congress
We are not here to impress
As in order of introductions
Not the list of sanctions
Here there are dogs,
Chickens and pigs
Elephants, awls, lions and you
Yes, you
Dogs have no respect
They bark at our esteemed visitors
Bite our private partners
They fuck in public
They leak the dirt of other dogs
They find joy in eating leftovers

In this congress
We have chickens too
They drink their own eggs
They tremble, shake when making submissions
Oh! Simple Chickens
They get lost when they get rained on
They are not worth trusting with serious business
Despite being quick to give up
They are easy to kill
And are always target for the opposition

 Then, we have pigs
Dirt is their love
Though fat and tasty
They play in mud and get dirty
They expect everyone to clean their dirt
They eat anything even from the opponents
They trust everyone and anyone
Play with everyone and anyone
Pigs will be pigs
They jump from one sty to another
And find pleasure in that

This congress is powered
There are elephants
The heavy African ones
They can block the path and none can move ahead
It’s bad when blocked from within
They at times block our dirty moves
Which are critical at sometimes
They throw those disagreeing with them
Far with their strong trunks
Strong skin cover,
Priceless tasks
Useless brains

We have owls
They are friends of witches
They scare some at night
They kill some at night
In accidents, in sleep, with fire
Greater than that of hell
They carry even orders from the opponents
As long as they are evil orders
This congress has all the good, the bad and the worse

We have lions
Whose wish is the command
Whose voice is an order
Lions, the kings of the jungle
You oppose you die
They are the bosses,
They listen to no shit,
Either you move with them or you move in them

 And then, there is you
No character, no name
A lazy idiot with no portfolio
Waiting to monitor progress
Then feedback to our enemies
You, the stubborn opposition member
Undeclared tyrant

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