Monday, May 14, 2012

Army Wife's Last Letter by Heather Dube

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Hey darling
Do you know how beautiful the sun is when it rises in the morning
kissing my cheeks with its warm glow.
Do you know how cold the dew on the grass is in the morning
chilling my toes as they vanish with the sun's glow
Do you know how sweet the sound of the chirping birds is in the morning
singing a beautiful melody bringing the world
to an early wake
Darling do you know?
Do you know I wake up every morning
to stand next to the letterbox
waiting for the postman in blue uniform,
riding a red bicycle
to bring my scented love letter from you.
Only to discover the beauty of the morn
bearing bad news
...I am to mourn...
Darling, you have died at war
but still I stand by the letterbox waiting.

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1manview said...

Sad, but beautifully written. A great Memorial Day piece...