Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not Another Breath! She Fought Back by Cee-Lo

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I couldn't walk in your shoes.
They were too tight.
I couldn't retell your story,
It was too sad.
I couldn't wear your skin,
I would have finished off the rag,
torn into un shameful-hurtful patches
Of sores and scratches,
Of year's poised toil.
Spoiled like soil
A still longing in your sagged face,
like craving lost love-pace
Stretch marked like feeding breasts,
engulfed in life's revealing beasts
Exposing your fragile chest.
Like dark nipples devoured by a determined mouth.
Seen in its paused breath
Its frail hands clinging expressively on the soft empty tissues.
Like mane paws and jaws
Dug in wealth-ly deeply
On the feeble animal's breath tissues
I saw your maimed soul.
Hands and arms hung heavily on your bones,
Your chiselled head hurriedly went well ahead
Dragging along your structure,
Shoulders rose up behind your head.
Life's toil stooped your back,
And tucked in the loose strands of your belly and behind.
"You're sorry you're alive"
You seemed to say
Life never voiced back,
A slap slashed the innocent air,
your tragic end
"Not another breath-!!"
You fought back.

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