Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last Night by Vokal DaPoet

Image - photographer unknown

Last night
last night I
last night I met
(how do I say this)
last night I met the devil
I said last night I met the devil
and he had tired of conversations
about convalescing economies and conspiracy theories
satanising religions and sanitising minds
by brandishing threats and excuses
in the defence of corrupt despotic African governments
and imperialistic European and American nations bent on taking over the continent
he had tired of speaking to a lesser pedigree of thinkers
for he was a genius
one who could write and rewrite the history of nations
front to back and back to front
in the movement of a woman he was watching
one with whom he was committing a lonely sin
with in his cranium
his hungry eyes tore her dress
which resembled an oversized t-shirt
accentuating her thighs and giving character to her hips
so his hand slithered into his pocket
to caress the crisp bank notes
he was whetting his appetite
savouring the moment
before he found his way to her side
his approach was methodical
and its execution clinical
as he cornered her with slurred pronouncements
before he took her to a gloomy corner at the back
he took her...
Last night I met the devil
and he was an artisan
in the art of intruding in other people's conversation
an annoying irritant who brought the kombi to silence...
Maybe he should have gone to the shebeen
where he would have been the darling of the shebeen queen
but his depleted paycheque would not allow him to do so
last night I met the devil
he had decided it was unreasonable to be reasonable
so he was trying to bring the door down with his fist
he truncated his wife's humble and sleepy greeting
with sjambok of accusations
allegations of infidelity and disrespect
before he marched into the candle lit gloom of his household
where he upset the furniture
which upset the neighbours
the upset furniture upset his feet
which buckled from under him to upset his stomach
which regurgitated the waters of delirium which threatened to drown him twice in one night
and he decided it  was reasonable to be unreasonable
so he lay in his vomit....
but this morning I met God
as I sat on my bed staring into the wardrobe mirror
he was looking sad and forlorn
embarrassed and shaking his head in shame
I wish last night I had met God!

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