Friday, July 13, 2012

Poetic Justice by Ignatious Chiveso

Word, her words
Fall so strong, like the hummer,
Judge’s stamp of justice
So smooth at times
Whipped cream
Fluffy on my tongue
I hear her rhyme
Poesy, music I hear
When she speak...

I have learnt
Without success to live without
The sound of her laughter
That naughty smile
Childish even,
The many times
Down memory lane
We would travel, releasing
The young us..
Oh, how I gravely miss
That warm giddy feeling
Anticipation, anxiety even
The feeling of meeting
The feeling of reconnecting,
The music she would evoke
The rhythm of feeling...
Sensuous tones
Of words unspoken
The very thought
Of meeting her the morrow

She was, is my poem
She wrote the very words
Defined the stanza of my happiness
Without her, I’m but a prose
Words without music
A drama without rhythm and rhyme
How days could pass
Without the slightest notice
Without her

Am I stuck?
Love struck 
I’m immobile
She gave me motion
The drive to move mountains
Mountains of doubt, loneliness
Shove them in locomotion
Stumbling blocks in my tracks
The road that led me to her
She gave radiance to my world
The glitter to the pure waters of my love
The fragrance to the fields of flowers
The colour to the soft petals
The entice to the bees
Right the very core of me
She made me mad
With a gush of emotions
A rush of feelings
I was alive
I am Alive!

Sentenced to life
By the one who defines my joy,
Inspired into words
Definitions I turned into poetry
Weaved into music
With form, tone, and sound
The book of law
The podium
From which I draw strength
Armed to deliver justice
To loneliness, sadness and hurt
Stability from raging storms
I think I have found
My Poetic Justice...

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