Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Awakening by Elizabeth Vavashe

One more breath drawn from the wintry air
Yet another day, douse in stupor
lost in tangling nightmares dark
never to wake from deep slumber

Sleep, sleep poor dead corpse
Sorrows heap and cloud your face
though you draw the breath of life
slumber in your lungs draw empty air

Swing to life a sprout of spring
vibrancy and resonance like the cry of a newborn
awake the slumber of your sleep
Past dawn, this a new day

Groan with the discovery of day
the dreams of yesterday haunt today
casting shadows as though she lived
awake as from the death of history

One more breath from summer’s heat
spring is here, let down your hair
Deep, deep, let loose a sigh
Today is today, let out a scream.

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