Wednesday, May 26, 2010

National Healing by Abel Phiri

Lest 's exhume a man from the cemetery
a well built grave
awarded a proper burial,
who earned one
an unsung hero buried in a mass grave
a feckless drunkard in an improvised grave
drainage, or a makeshift grave at the backyard garden.

lets exhume a man from the grave
ask him how it is in the land of the dead
are there springs or winters ?
are there shona ?
do they clap their hands preliminary to receiving things?
do they remember anything?
how they where scaled and burnt to death?
or maybe they are white
they talk to in laws hands in pockets,
what components make a man when shed there is no man?
is it the flesh, mind or the soul ?

Let's exhume self from vile conspiracy
do we have flesh, medium for sharing pain
do we think of others ?
lets exhume self from vengeance
ask being how we live if soulless
if as atrocious as death
let's exhume ourselves from the grave
and ask how how we live if we are dead

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