Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Togetherness by Clemence Chinyani

When you stand I rise,
Remember what they say, true,
Members of a body,
They perform in unison,
Harmony is it not what it is?
Yes, birds of a feather, I mean of a flock,
It means the same, the creator,
Made us more for the reason,
There is power in many.
I saw your tears,
And heard your fears,
This trust between us,
Never has to fail to materialise,
For not to claim, what we care not for.
When we are together, great cities we find,
Large spaces we occupy,
Progress we realize,
Never looking at colour,
For its just a shade,
Never looking at tribe,
For it is only a smaller family,
But looking at us as humans,
Who together can stand,
And hold one another’s hand,
Then we will see true victory.

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