Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Postscripts by Lilian Dube

And Yes, they've written the letter for us in hieroglyphics
Signed it, sealed it for us, calculated all the logistics
Penned the address, some place here or there
Now it's left for us to send it
&Yes Ma'am we'll do it
Post it but let us first add on the postscripts
words that go along the lines of
PS Apologies
there are no full stops
Lying is a continuous emulation, no punctuation
These are just their words, words &words
Our words go along the lines of
PS Apologies
even us are too young to read the language
So read in between the lines, these blank spaces
Our mind's confines which represent freedom
&what our words cannot express...
But Yes Ma'am, we'll do it, send it
Even if it be to the hangman
&our names be the first on the hangman's list-
We'll sure do it, post it
But let us first add on these postscripts
With all our respect due to you....

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Anonymous said...

great to read, reading it the second time now