Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am Still Afraid Of Bleeding by Llyoyd Machacha

When I left home bleeding
My parents were left bleeding
In “non-existent” camps humanity was left bleeding
My sister is up to now still bleeding
For teaching that it is inhuman to cause bleeding
Teacher Johns and Pastor Demo were left bleeding
For donating bandages to stop bleeding
Businessman Bill and Doctor Eve were left bleeding
The economy is bleeding
Our international image is still bleeding
Education, Health and Infrastructure are bleeding
All because others specialize in causing bleeding
For defending the rights of the bleeding
Lawyer Tim and Activist Jane were left bleeding
For writing about cases of bleeding
Journalist Elizabeth and Writer James were left bleeding
Who and what was not left bleeding?
Who and what are now safe from bleeding?
Everyone is still afraid of bleeding
That’s why the economy is still bleeding
Although nobody likes bleeding
Others like to cause bleeding
For home my heart is bleeding
But I’m still afraid of bleeding

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