Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In The Painting Of an African by Alfred Tembo

women spilling of anguish pain
Sighing a spell of relief
Faded grief struck permanently
On her inside walls
Walls of existence in moral world
Robbed by facades of insecurity
Worries in Vanity
Watching name losing vowels
Meaning –Vanished in her thick memory
relation died as bubbles of surf among the kings men's
Life was paralyzed, gnawed, tipped with a barren womb
Sneered under dead flames of Zeus’,smoke and thunderous dust
Her petals were rust with undefined less of trembling colors
An a dour of past and stale smoke decanted to the ancestors of poverty
Pest rejected in ant of wildlife like cancer to herself she attracts none as lantanacamara has no admires
Under peripheral of poverty s loneliness
She picks herself up.
In struggle looking –walking –talking frail and wearily
The journey continues and agony
As each sunrise ends it ,with nor with sunset
Settles her burden on her head
Down the dust road a york image of an orange horizon of tropical savanna welcomes
Contemplates, in down of indecisive spectrum attributed by her yes
Dust her back and finally a step forward in making a search of courage
Blessed be all mothers

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Uncle ErnieMac said...

Vivid description, lucid.. I like very much... Bravo