Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love Is War by Philip S Mandipira

lf l fall in it l fight
If l fall in it l feel fragile
lf l fall in it lam a fool

Our hearts are used  as  a shield

As we fight for this love in this battlefield

We are soldiers in love
ln search of love

The spear of love strikes through our lonely hearts

Amid the battle of love

Love leads us nowhere

Love lives us with broken hearts

A broken hearts bleeds

Love is a weapon used to destroy peoples' hearts

Love is an illusion filled with sadness and confusion

If l can feel it ,you can feel it too

Because it's in each and everyone of us

But seriously,

Love don't  love us

lf love love us

Then why do love let emotions come between us

l can only remember the bad times we fought

One moment she loves me,another moment she loves me not

 Some lose the battle but win the war

 Some win the battle but loose the war

 Everybody,everywhere is searching for love

 Even those that are in the caravan of love

 In this battle of love,there is confusion

 In this battle of love,there is fake affection

 Why is love so complicated

In this battle of love,expect the unexpected

Love is  nothing but a fool's game

Too much love drives a man insane

Love is a symbol of war

Love is a mater of  war

If it makes us cry,it's a matter of war

If it makes you die,it's a matter of war

lf it makes you lie,it's a matter of war

 We try to be lovers in love

  But in the end we become fighters in war

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Uncle ErnieMac said...

And in the end.... Love is a war, in which we are all soldiers, great perspective... Just left this brother in reflection...