Monday, June 28, 2010

Father by Bhekumuzi Xolani Tshuma


My heart bleeds for you

My twenty- third year and all I have brought

Is pain, misery and suffering

I have seen you labour

40 years you have labored to have me become


It has taken twenty three years to become


Someone said;

The fruit of a father’s labour is his child


Is that true of me


My heart bleeds

Twenty three years have I lived


No improvement have I brought to you

The family name goes down by day

Everyday the name you toiled

To build disintegrates


My heart weeps endless tears

Floods of my tears have washed away

All my dreams and eroded my vision


My heart weeps

For I feel you have labored in vain

Twenty three years and I still hang onto you

As a tick to a dog

Everyday my mouth open-wide for you

To feed to it a fat worm


My heart bleeds for all the

Frustration that has built in your

Heart and mine

For my failure to live to expectation


My heart weeps endless tears

For I have nothing to offer you

Save my endless frustration:

My unaccomplished goals

Your sweat and my tears have produced

Oceans of untold disappointments


My heart weeps as silently I watch

Your wasted sweat

Everyday I watch

Drop after drop of your

Dashed dreams down the drain

Of destiny


Is it my destiny to fail?


My twenty third year and your 40th year at work

I wait anxiously for your retirement package


How long will I rely on you?

Is it my destiny to continue living with you?

At twenty three not to be able to buy my own house


My heart bleeds, for all I own in this house

Is this pen you have given to me


My heart bleeds

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The Literary Phoenix (LP) said...

Your pen reeks of sweet sweat, you paint tragedy so well, siple yet eloquent, I have had it with 'deep cats' they almost dried the ink in my vein convincing me poetry is supposed to be written by one's ego and confuse the audience, dont change your style for anything in the world bro, hope to see you at the poetry festival in Augst!