Sunday, June 27, 2010

Orders From Above by Patrick Hwande

Demolish their house
They’re nemesis
Clad in awkward faces
“Orders from above”

Indict all pagans
Absolve our handy hands
You’re my blue-eyed boy
“Orders from above”

Get off the farm
Or else more harm
We need beans dressed in greens
“Orders from above”

Pass through the draconian
Media mill
Before you can access any
News till
“Orders from above”

Drag the Kariba shark
To the statute books
The river must be easily crossed
“Orders from above”

Quasi-fiscal games to thrive
Despite economic quagmire
Our worshippers must be enriched
“Orders from above”

Wine and dine at Victoria Falls retreat
And ignore Key Result Areas
Guaranteed is your absolute impunity
“Orders from above”

Clandestine remedial courses
For all prodigal lambs
To be religiously done
A stick-and-carrot policy is upper cut
“Orders from above”

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