Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Writing On The Tombsone by Lloyd Machacha


On many a grave
You inscribed a painful writing on the tombstone
Today we gather on your grave
To inscribe a delighting writing on the tombstone 
“Here lies political violence and polarisation
Born ever since the attainment of Zimbabwe’s Independence
He died on the day the Inclusive Government was born
He is survived by graves, disabilities, and emotional wounds” 
Rest here forever political unrest
Rest here for society to find rest
Rest not in peace
Rest in pieces for the sake of peace 
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, soil to soil
So we were tired of saying to your victims
Today we unite to return you with dust and soil
Back to the dark world where you emerged to claim victims 
The dead are gone
With nothing to do with the living
Forever from our society we unite to make sure you are gone
Never come back again to subtract from the living 
Through abductions, torture, and murder
You forced many into eternal departure
Police brutality and army crackdowns were your agents
May you be buried with them all today 
The Writing on the Tombstone
It was marked faint by the Global Political Agreement
In the new People’s Constitution
Let’s make it bold and deeply engraved

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