Monday, June 28, 2010

The Last Time by Phillip Shekeleton Mandipira

The last time l checked,
       There was need for change
Nations were fighting against nations
       Love was replaced by hate
       Life was made up of fate

              The last time l checked,
         The world was beyond repair
Twenty two men were chasing a baloon in the air
         Gun play was the order of the day

                 The last time l checked,
   Churches were built for business purposes
               Prophets were predicting problems
   False prophets were making money for their benefits
                  Babies  were having babies
           Children were disobeying parents
           Politicians were nothing but liars

               The last time l checked,
          The ozone layer was destroyed
      More people were still unemployed
          The minimum wage was still low
          HIV/AIDS was still killing people
            The world was still full of evil
             Suicide overtook genocide

           The last time l checked,
       l was the voice of the voiceless
     Even though l was getting paid less
         There was hope for heaven
           But fear of Amargedon

       The last time l checked
         More people lived in jail
    Heaven was replaced by hell
        The devil ruled the world
         Money ruled the world
     The richer were getting richer
And the  poorer were getting children

           The last time l checked,
        Africa was still home of poverty
    Africa was still the home of baby making
     More men were being raped by women
        Blacks were fighting against whites

           The last time l checked,
    There was still war in  the middle east
         A girl was raped by a priest
     People were still waiting for Jesus
       Lesbians were popular than gays
     The world was searching for peace

            The last time l checked,
            Terrorism ruled the world
         Drug dealing ruled the world
      Earthquakes doomed the world
      The Gods were said to be crazy
     Africans blamed  their colonisers
       The last time l checked,
        l  can still check again
   The world needs a great change

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