Monday, June 28, 2010

Hedgecutter/Beggar by Mthabisi Phili

i saw him today
on my errand to the clouds
a blurring graying old figure
smeared on the hazy screen of the horizon

i saw him today
he has not changed  
with his old raveled grey sack
hanging from stooped shoulders
his tattered black jacket
his long brown-grey trousers
reaching down to his sketchy black shy and humble shoes,
i saw him today ,
i dogged him today because I had nothing to give
only my heart to give, my wishes, my prayers-
I saw him today I dogged him today but followed him with my eyes,
and his image fragmented and splintered and re-grouped
to a man,
a human being with feelings, just a man who was hungry.

1 comment:

The Literary Phoenix (LP) said...

the first poem I ever wrote, which som say is my best is very similar to this one, interestingly the angle from which the story s told from 'on my errand t the clouds' is very much similar, I am hoping to meet you and discuss this interesting phenomena some day. Awesome work!