Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bitten by Abigail George

Sacrifice spills over

Grows a root gravely

Settles like scent or dust

Let’s put a stamp

And a seal on

That mouth of yours

Once bitten

Twice shy

Go away fool

You foul rogue;

Oval eyes wet

And black,

Obsidian moons

That rise out of nowhere

Glistening like fat

Like flowers

Blooming at night

Bait me like a hook saboteur

I man the shore

Like a well-oiled,

Golden lifesaver

Your twist and shake is like a fish

Your fingers grip wildly at air

Transmit your attitude elsewhere

You are done for hovering coward

Swipe at me again and I will smash

You to smithereens

Little man, skinny as a tick;

Fingers like frilled fissures

You’re tarnished and thick.

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