Sunday, June 27, 2010

Luceant Lux Vestra Afrika! by Farai Mpofu

On one beautiful morning on the mountain top in silence blowing and howling

Her serene songs to my ear

My femme – fatale, the wind shall gently sway her, lips and gently kiss my lips...

It is at the moment that I shall whisper a secret to her

It is then when I shall tell her to carry this secret across sandy golden dunes of the Sahara, down the evergreen everaining raining forests at the congo Basin,

I shall whisper to her to tell it to the singing savannah grass to the herds of galloping zebras and girraffes, and bellowing buffaloes, growling lions and laughing hyenas.

I shall ask my sensual sexy sensational seductive mistress the wind to the blow across Africa all the way to the greeness of Indian ocean,blowing eddies of brown cape karoo dust until she reaches the cold shark ridden corrents of the Atlantic,

She shall go all the way to the dirty black townships of Africa a whisper my secret to the old mothers selling chicken trotters wrapped in old newspapers at beerhall gates.And the secret shall be Luceant Lux Vestra Afrika,

Let your Light Shine Afrika.

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