Sunday, June 27, 2010

I am to them by Energy Mavaza

I am he to them,
Guava paper with pencils marks,
Statued at their mayhem
With frozen nerves left to few guts
And fake intrepid with breath of confidence,
I am all they see, am their evidence.

I am he to them,
A lanky boy stuck in dark skin,
Dreaming to be amongst their whole of fame
And to be heard who's so keen.
He who pretends to think but evidence his paper bear.
Like glued upon chairs they all can't escape to hear.

I am he to them,
A public lunatic me they perceive,
But am a foe and friend all the some.
For wisdom and rage i make them receive
But i frankly read their thoughts on ink
And to mic i spit, am crazy they all think...

This poem is about the tears of joy i will shed on the second coming of

With Joy I don’t cry

God’s love is wide like sea,
Once was blind but now i see.
With joy i kissed the blue sky,
But with joy never did i cry.

May it be silver i own or gold,
May i meet a dead friend of old,
Might i become a King under the sun
Surely my tears of joy don’t sip for fun.

But let my heart be pierced with words,
Tears of anger flock out like birds.
Any inflictious words and those sarcastic,
Leave my eyes in sorrowful and pathetic.

Whether i’m promised wings to fly,
Ecstasy and bliss may lift me high
But as long i’m in this earth of sorrows
My tears of joy will never kiss my brows.

Its because food never healed hunger.
All joy is vanity beyond stood anger.
When my joy will forever endure
Tears down my cheek i will ensure

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Anonymous said...

...i think the two poems are cool, but i wish to know the brief background of most of these poets