Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Colour of Life by Philip Shekeleton Mandipira

Did God create life without colour?
Or did man invent a colour without life?
Which is which?
A colour with life
Or a life with life?

Why can't you see the colour of my life?
Why can't l see the colour of your life?
Are we all colour blind?
What's the colour of life?
More questions are asked but no answers are passed.

Colour green cannot make me win
Black can only darken my life
Red results in anger and danger
So what is the colour of life

l paint it blue,it looks like a sea
Brown can only break it down
White can only reflect light
So what is the colour of life ?

Purple can only create evil
Orange is only meant for the oldd age
Grey creates a stained page
So what is the colour of life ?

Yellow make it shallow
Silver makes life evil giver
Merune makes it look like a dead cartoon
So what is the colour of life?

My passion for painting is fading away
My colour of life is fading away
For all my mistakes l pay
But stubborn stains keep getting in the way

lf God is the creator of life
Then lam the painter of my own life
l can tell the difference between wrong or right
Colour creates glamour
Without it my life is full of anger

Needless to say that lam the voice of the voiceless
A life is with colour is filled with hapiness
A life without colour is fruitless
The end can only mean that life is colourless.

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