Sunday, June 27, 2010

MaGamzee by Mthabisi Phili

what he said

sitting on the sofa

warming himself on the heater

wearing a red kepi in the house?

what he said

simply and plainly in words

and tearful looks of fate,

he said…he hesitated

he said…jerked and fell back on the sofa

he said…stopped and coiled seemed strained

he said…sighed and turned seemed restless and undecided,

he said…stopped gathered his breath ,

“but you it is all a trick

I don’t know,its what you think

l these pictures-gross images of life…do you think?

no…but…its what you make it.”

he said, his eyes wide and growing into a dream,

“It fades…it fades…you cant touch it

sometimes you don’t know anymore what’s wrong or right

…with life…its vain…we are all sinners!”

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