Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Newspaper by Lilian Dube

That sick headline-
Death born of a chipped shoulder
Feuds growing older
Murderers bolder
The war of injured egos
And misaligned wills incurable ills
Racial name tags, burnt flags
Utopian ruins, conflicts brewing
Distorted protocol
Mockeries most of all
Dictatorial lusts, unjustified pasts
‘Democratic games’, masked campaigns
Seething citizens
Hostile ceremonies, unseen
Political matrimonies
Tragic constitutions
Immoral resolutions
Missile factories, the flooding Canaries
Global warming, sterile technologies
Hedonistic theologies
Pessimist’s theories
Wastelands, brain cancers
Toy soldiers, mass graves
Delayed apologies-
A million children, a billion lives
- Close down the paper house! –
Why have our shame flaunt itself in print??


The Literary Phoenix (LP) said...

This is sick, I aint seen nothing like this in a while! One tends to wonder how many other poets are out there but not read or heard, keep doing your thing cuz!

Anonymous said...

nkazana this is heavy staff .I like the ability to allow poetry to speak and for me listen to it .this is what we as poets are fighting for ....this is ayoba ...

Anonymous said...

Great wrk,u're own your way to becoming a legend