Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Inheritors by Fred Nwonwu

They walked in death's shadow
All evil they should've feared
Lives but within their hearts
Bidding then heed
Darkness living inside

Their guns be their strength
Through it our obeisance be got
As they rampage through
This valley, where Sodom's wind blow

Before them we lie
Trembling hearts caught
In-between chattering dental
Bladder loosened by fright
Body taut in heartless readiness
For hot lead to strike

Do they not laugh?
Teeth sparkling ever thus
Polished by choice chop
Behind tinted glasses
They sneer,
As hunger pushes us
Towards them in servitude

They know not your name
Therefore, we beseech you in vain
They hearken only to their need
That hunger that knows no sate
Their god is money

We know their oppression
Be only for this while
We hoped for death's call
Not on us but on them
Its call whispered song

Alas, we hoped in vain
Fate holds back our saving rain
They knew death's name
Planned all along to cheat him

Their progeny returns
Groomed across the seas
Away from empty classrooms
Made tutorless by their forebears
They hoped to keep us blind
While theirs seek the light
That hopefully will make then blind

Alcoholics and addicts
Infused with ways foreign
Speaking white tongue whitely
Speaking our tongue strangely
If they speak at all
They know not our ways

Our culture repulses them
Our dances bemuses them
Their roots cut off
Replanted in cities far away

To them it's said
Our future is given
To carry our flag,
Write our laws,
Fight our wars,
And rule our land.

To them we are
Just another piece of

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