Thursday, August 26, 2010

Only Had I known by Jefta Chikura

Only had I known,
I wouldn’t have joined the others;
Joined the others in unanimously proclaiming
Only had they known
They wouldn’t have contributed
To the appalling cataclysm,
That cataclysm; the same
That has claimed many
Erroneously its foundation we agreed to lay
With all due legitimacy,
The sourced of our hiccups was enacted
With singing, ululation and jubilation,
Its continued existence was upheld
With clenched fists we all strove to keep it in being
Drastically, the transformation began
Subconsciously, we strove to keep it in place
Paradoxically, we become responsible for our own
Our own precarious destiny.
Should we continue the witch hunt and blame game,
While they cost us?
Should we, like Hume, rely entirely on
Carelessness and inattention,
With the protracted view that they alone
Can afford us any remedy
Should we swallow our pride then,
And unanimously, as before,
Delegitimize the existence.
Will there be any guarantee that we won’t again,
Unanimously, unanimously thrust ourselves
Into deeper quicksand
Only had I known,
Only had they known.

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