Thursday, August 26, 2010

Patrolling Boots Are Still Worn by Lloyd Machacha

Government: This local stone
And that diasporan stone
Together can build a House of Stone
From diaspora please come with a construction stone

Diasporas: This diasporan national
And that local national
Should both build through making a choice
In all polls why are we denied a voice?

Government: The nation is now a secure nest
Our Government now wears a colourful zest
East or west, home is best
In mealie meal please come home to rest

Diasporas: A hare can’t escape Alsatians twice
Through the nose we paid for the greed’s rice
With our life we can’t dice
We would rather adapt to spice

Government: We have since called all professionals back home
Why are you not coming back home?
Why are you not sending investments back home?
Why are you not sending your thoughts back home?

Diasporas: The Party Forces are still wearing army boots
Investment laws still wear Party boots
Leadership still has no majority roots
Constitution-making to diaspora isn’t wearing any boots

As long as Patrolling boots are still worn
Our commitment will remain torn

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