Thursday, August 26, 2010

Memory Of Love by Robert Greenfield

Memory. The for-
gotten name. Pain.
The lost kiss. In-
side the miraculous
air & the people
& The Pacific Ocean.
Her human & divine
face. Eyes such as I
have never seen since
nor saw before.
Lucid with love for
me. I lost her name
& the names of her
shadows that followed
her. Time has been
trying to play tricks of
forgetfulness upon the
palimpsest of my psyche.
But it is her body her
face her voice that
walked inside the gate
of my skin & entered
my cells welcomed by
all of me. Now I am
dim of facts. Every day
I see the newest latest
fashions & very most
up to date women of the
current evolutionary
calendar. I am never
totally here. I am always
partially in her absence.

1 comment:

Arielle said...

Inciteful, beautiful and Original. I love this one - for its depth and purpose.