Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dreamweaver by Arielle Yaffe

Like a princess in the lake,
Like a dove on the wind's wake
Like perfume on the breeze
That blows away your tears...

A whisper on the wind
A breath that never ends
A hope forever grand
Of Future, of a Plan

The dreams of all that are
Of all that came far
Of the hope of nations passed
The Grace forever lasts

The ones that slipped away
Beaten, there they lay
Burned - by the glade
Banished early - They.

Avenged with breath of wind
A dove to wake the wind
Perfume they breathe
They have no more tears.

They drift upon the wind
Their breath has no end
Their granduer is hope
Their future is a Plan.

Their dreams all now are
The truth of near and far
Not nations barred in fear
Upward, onward, forward, clear.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think thats powerful beyond any measure and realising the power of words and how they can change a man's perception of the things done and yet to be done.

Love it.
Lindile Mdunge : South Africa.