Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Letter To My Unborn Child by Maqawe Mpofu

Saw your letter child
But I have not yet found a true Afrikan model,
Who is fit and proper to be your mother.
The last woman I met was a minx,
And she left me wailing, alone, in the dark hole,
Crying and writhing in hopeless hope.
I know you are so eager to see the world, in as much as I was,
But also know that I am still a child, my child,
And I am still caught in the web of soul is, swollen.
In-spite of this, however,
Know that I love you child,
 Too much to let your mother kill you with a coat hanger,
Because Heaven and earth will cry...
Know that you will be born with everything you need to start with,
As i was,
Even though now I am seeing myself being buried in a shallow grave of humiliation.
Look deeper in your inner-most being,
Do not be afraid of darkness, through the night moon will guide you.
Do not let education, colonisation and oppression cover your eyes,
Be human and see what lies beyond the lies,
There are those who are hiding behind the false image of the Son of God.
My soul is, exploding.
Abort militant thoughts in you,
Unlock your mind and strive for spiritual and psychological growth,
Because so painful is the psychology of a television set mind set,
Always being controlled by a remote control or by a finger…
So painful are the freestyles and backstrokes of mental servitude...
Do not be the victim of globalisation, political and economic pawns,
Stupid puppets who take orders from the internet...
They say no person can do everything but everyone can do something, I did nothing child.
These are my words child and my soul is bleeding
For now stay there and wait for my call because the time is not yet ripe.
Stay true, to yourself,
And learn to withstand ovation because fame chokes.

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sheik abdul said...

a magnificent piece that deserve globa literary audience